Grey Timber And Concrete Modern House Structure in Australia

Sunshine Beach House, Jenner Residence by Shaun Lockyer Architects

The Sunshine Beach House explores the coastal aesthetic through the use of greying timbers and natural materials in a bold, but equally eclectic, architectural expression. The house is planned around a sequence of courtyards (north and south) that offer a very comfortable year-round lifestyle. Built by Wade Jenner (who along with his wife Claire is also the owner), this project afforded us a wonderful opportunity to develop and craft ideas we’ve had for a long time with someone who trusted us enough to make them real. 

Lockyer Architects

Quality modern Furniture, electrical appliances ,white cabinets, beautiful art and home decor has transformed this house by giving it a rich clean feel in addition to its great design.

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Grey Timber And Concrete Modern House Structure in Australia

When it comes to building a new home from the beginning, imagination, creativity and great architects and designers is all that is needed. Take a look at this amazing house at sunshine beatch in Australia and see if you will not like the grey timbers, concrete,metal and other materials used. Timber wood dominates the design of the house giving it a natural feel.


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